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【EQUALINE】ver 1.3.0 patch was released.

Patch program for 「EQUALINE」was released. The version will be latest from any version.

Download and execute from here.

Changes are followings.

・Change performances and BGM of Mission 11

・Fix a bug about a wrong judgement in Mission 21

・Change unlock condition of Mission 21


【Treehouse Riddle】will be released on steam / Nintendo Switch !

Hello! Marudice is here!

"Treehouse Riddle" will be available on steam / Nintendo Switch at this winter !

The product is localized and published by Fruitbat Factory .

They are handling many Kawaii dojin games on their site.

I hope you think our product is also kawaii, too. :)

This is our first time to release product on console.

I'm looking forward to the release!

We start English blog

Hi. We will offer our team information in English from this blog.

The entries will be localized version of following japanese blog:

I'm sorry to say we can't localize all entries.

But game updates or event exhibit information will be fully offered in English!

Trust me!